The last word of Charlotte Garrigue Masaryk (2018)

In the Heart of České středohoří (2015)

    The Mills of God (2015)

    Missing 45  (2014)

    The Prague´s Lost Quarter  (2012)

    A Man with Pipe  (2011)

    Dreams of My Dad  (2010)

    Josef Capek´s Eternal Pilgrimage (2010)

    Overhead – Stars, the Hammer and Sickle (2009)

    Inside the Ministry of the Interior (2008)

    In the Shade of the Cathedral (2008)

    The Life and Times of the Writer Karel Čapek (2007)

    In the Twilight of Silence (2006)

    Zikmund Reach´s Fictitious Diary (2006)

    To My Eternal Love (2005)

    The Soul of Europe (2004)

    The Map of Places Blessed and Cursed (2003)

    Homeland (2002)

    Like Marihuana Smoke Are the Lines of Poets (2001)

    Pages from a Diary of a Legionaire (2000)

    The Unknown no.44 (1999)

    The Poppy Fields (1999)

    The Taming of The Spellbound Chain (1998)

    The Starry Heavens Disappeared as Though Closed Like a Book (1998)

    The Goddess Returns (1997)

    Four Moments of Silence (1995)  

    Mythical Trilogy (1993)

    Something Lighter (1992)

    Bestiary (1991)

    Viva Musica (1991)

    Pictures of Bohemia (1990)

    The Time of Shame, Silence and Hope (1990)

    Antonio Salieri´s REQUIEM (1990)

    Want to kill? (1988)

    Hey, Buddy,  Look! (1987)

    Each Yard of Greenery  (1985)

    Mutagenes (1984)

    The Bomb of Motoring (1982)

    Genes (1976)